Welcome to Bright Minds Tutoring! A local tutoring service managed by high-achieving university students, who graduated in 2021. Our mission is to cultivate a friendly, supportive and safe learning environment for children in years 5 to 12. Along with providing high-quality academic guidance, we strive to create well-rounded students with excellent time management, study, and critical thinking skills. At Bright Minds Tutoring we are passionate about giving all students the potential to flourish and achieve their personal academic goals. We also travel to a destination of your choice for the session, whether it be your home, a local library etc.

What makes us different from other tutoring services?

Our tutors are a part of the first cohort (2021) to have completed all assessments (IA1,IA2,IA3 and EA) in the ATAR system. This gives our tutors a competitive edge and a unique advantage when addressing academic uncertainties. In particular, our tutors' familiarity with the "Instrument Specific Marking Guide" (ISMG) allows them to help students maximize their marks. Ultimately, we are enthusiastic, bubbly, and experienced tutors, with over 2 years of experience tutoring children from years 3 to 12. Over the years, we have mastered our tutoring approach, by creating relevant resources and by adopting the techniques that generate success. We look forward to hearing from you and hope we can help your child on the path to academic success. 

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"Stop doubting yourself. Work hard and make it happen"



Client comments and reviews!

Emma and Rachel have been amazing. They explain things so well and make it easy for me to understand harder concepts. They have taught me the importance of scaffolding assignments, step by step, which I have found very useful. Using this strategy and their guidance, I got a High-A in my biology assignment. A huge improvement for me. They are very approachable and I feel comfortable asking them anything. I look forward to working with them again this year.

Year 12 student

Rachel and Emma are kind, approachable and have helped my child increase their marks, work ethic, and overall classroom confidence. Their compassionate and enthusiastic approach is very effective and well sought after. We thank them so much for their help and look forward to working with them again for 2022.

High School Student

Rachel and Emma are just fantastic! My child was full of smiles after their first tutoring session. They listened closely, answered any questions, and offered guidance that was effective and easy to grasp.

High School Parent

Bright Minds Tutoring have helped me immensely over the past year. I always feel comfortable sharing any questions with Rachel, Hilary, and Emma as I know our tutoring sessions are a judgment-free zone! I have achieved a personal best in English and Biology, increasing both marks by one whole grade point. I feel confident in my work, and they have encouraged me to take pride in my academic achievments. Thank you so much!

Year 12 Students

Girls Studying

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